Brooker’s holds these scoops to be self-evident at 2nd Founding Flavors location

Article From the Daily Herald

Brian and Jamie Brooker are defying the odds and winning. On Friday they opened their second Brooker’s Founding Flavors Ice Cream Parlor.

The new second location is at 748 E. 820 North in Provo. The original store is in Vineyard just west of the Megaplex Theaters.

“We opened our first location on Dec. 10, 2018, the beginning of winter, which is the worst day of the year to open an ice cream business,” Brian Brooker said. “And now today we have opened our second location in the middle of a pandemic. Likely we will open our third location in the midst of an alien invasion.”

It appears it doesn’t really matter when they opened, but that they did. The Brookers have had a great success with their ventures and they are able to share their love of ice cream and their love of history at the same time.

Employees dress in authentic period clothing from the Colonial 1776 period and the ice cream flavors carry the names of important Founding Fathers and mothers of the country.

One of the more popular ice cream flavors is Patrick Henry’s “Give Me Chocolate or Give Me Death.” There are several ice creams and sorbets to choose from. Brookers even offers vegan choices with coconut milk and almond milk bases.

The names of the flavors are just the beginning. Pick your ice cream flavor and you get a bit of history on the person it’s named after.

For instance, you can learn about John Hancock if you order “John Hancock’s Signature Mint Chocolate Truffle Ice Cream.” Or, try “Abigail Adams’ Salted Crack Cookie Advice” with caramel and a variety of nuts.

Brian Brooker said they haven’t seen a slowdown at the original Vineyard location. And if the plethora of cars and socially distanced lines of people out the doors at the grand opening are any indication, the new location should do well.

Brooker said on July 24, Senator Mike Lee is treating Washington to ice cream and other foods from Utah. Brooker’s will be his choice to show how a business survived and thrived during COVID-19 and how it successfully adjusted to the situation.

“With the ripple effects of the coronavirus in March, we adapted quickly by adding a drive-thru, delivery, curbside and order ahead from our website and leveraged takeout and national UPS shipping of our ice cream which were already in place,” Brooker said. “We are offering all of the same things in Provo. … Drive-thru, curbside, delivery, order ahead, takeout, national UPS shipping.”

He added, “We have been more successful during the coronavirus then before due to these adaptive measures and also customer loyalty and our fans still wanting our ice cream.”

Brooker said he is excited to be close to the Brigham Young University campus and looks forward to serving the students and the community.

“We are excited to be just off BYU campus and look forward to serving the students and the surrounding community now and especially when they come back in full force in the fall,” Brooker said.

The interior decor of the Provo parlor is even better than the original Vineyard location, Brooker said.

“It has a working Colonial brick fireplace and reclaimed wood bar counter seating. We have a pillory like at the Vineyard location,” Brooker said. “Our mission continues to be delivering founding principles and America’s founding history with fun, super premium ice cream.”

Both Brooker’s locations are open from 11 a.m. to 11 p.m. Monday through Saturday. Visit Brooker’s Founding Flavors on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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